V-Neck Knit Top Sewing Instructions

This is the new and improved set of sewing instructions for my V-Neck Knit Top pattern. There is also a new and improved pattern (computer-drafted!) available on





This sewing pattern is suitable for sewing enthusiasts with intermediate skills. In order to create this garment you must know how to sew with knit fabrics, ease curved edges to fit, and operate a serger.

This pattern requires knit fabric with a minimum 25% stretch across grain. The fabric that I’ve used in these pictures is a thick sweatshirt fleece with less than 25% stretch. It’s not terrible, but it gets kinda saggy as the day progresses.

Also note that I used the bodice fabric to make the neckband, waistband and cuffs. If you are a hardcore ribbing fan, then go for it, you might have to reduce the width on the bands and cuffs to make up for the extra stretch.

I did all of my sewing using a domestic sewing machine and serger. If you have a coverstitch, please feel free to use that, but it’s not necessary. However, a serger is highly recommended. I’ve made knit tops using only a sewing machine in the past, and even with the stretch stitch setting, the stitching around the neck and waistbands still breaks right away. Use a serger!!

Measurements of finished garments:

Small 34.5″ Bust

Medium 37″ Bust

Large 40″Bust

XL 42″ Bust

XXL 45″ Bust

Materials needed:

*1.5-2 yards knit fabric with minimum 25% stretch across grain


*sewing machine


And a 1/2″ seam allowance is included on the sewing pattern, but is not marked.

And here’s the Burdastyle tutorial on how to print and assemble your sewing pattern PDF

Let’s get started!


Take your neckband, fold it in half lengthwise and press.


Join the ends together so that the folded length faces the inside, and the open length faces the outside (see following picture)

Baste stitch the edges.


With right sides together, serge your cuffs and waistband.


With right sides facing, pin Bodice Front to Bodice Back at the shoulders.

Sew and serge raw edges.


Starting at the centre front (the bottom of the V), pin your neckband to the bodice, easing your way around so that it fits evenly.


Starting again at the bottom of the V, serge the neckband to the bodice. Using your fingers, press the shoulder seams to face Bodice Front as you go.

Press the seam flat.


From the right side of the fabric:


With right sides facing, pin and serge your sleeve cap to the armholes of the bodice, starting at the outside edges, easing the sleeves to fit.

You do not need to gather the sleeve caps first, just ease them into place.


With right sides facing, pin and sew the sleeves and side seams, matching the armhole seams.


Fold your cuffs wrong sides facing and place them inside the sleeve openings, matching up all raw edges.

Pin and serge.



Repeat with waistband.


Turn that Daddy right side out and slap it onto your body!



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